Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro Importer


  • Import most files (Excel, Access, text, ODBC) as QuickBooks Transactions or Lists.
  • Import Bills, Checks, Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Credit Card Charges and more… 30 QuickBooks transaction and list types supported.
  • Import Lists including custom fields! Accounts, Customers, Employees, Items, Other Names and  Vendors.
  • Import bank statements from Quicken and Microsoft Money files.
  • Payee alias matching. Now easily match up payees with saved aliases for Bank Statements, Bills, Checks and Credit Card Charges.
  • Save time by never entering data twice.
  • Step by step wizard interface makes it easy.
  • Map your import file fields to QuickBooks fields with ease.
  • Options to handle files downloaded from eCommerce sites.
  • Scriptable Command Line Parameters allow seeing most options.
  • Five star rated by QuickBooks and users like you.



Transaction Pro Exporter


  • Export transactions and lists directly from QuickBooks to Excel, CSV text or Tab text.
  • Exports data in industry standard flat file format with repeating header rows for each detail row.
  • Use in tandem with Transaction Pro Importer to move transactions from one QuickBooks file to another regardless of version.
  • Easy and fast, include or suppress line items.
  • Select only the export columns you need. Assign column names and sort order too.
  • Scriptable Command Line Parameters allow setting most options.
  • Export lists including custom fields.
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