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Nexonia Expenses and Timesheets


Want to know where your dollars are going at any moment?  Want your expense reporting process to take hours, not weeks?  Want to track billable hours against projects, log vacations and sick days, and get clear information for payroll in just a few clicks?

Want to spend less time and get more results?

Welcome to Nexonia Expenses and Timesheets! Those web and mobile applications were created to bring your expense and time management to another level… so you can focus on your business and not the tools it is built upon.

As a Business Traveler, you will enjoy:

•Intuitive and powerful mobile app

•Streamlined approval process and spending policies

•Quick reimbursement

As an Administrator, you will benefit from:

•Timely and correctly submitted expenses and hours

•Paperless, fast processing

•Automated network with your other business applications: travel management, ERP, online storage, online payment systems, etc…

•Unlimited support and unlimited trainings

As a Business Owner, you will appreciate:

•Total visibility on spendings and timing at any moment

•Saved time and money

•Access to all related information from whenever you are

•Ability to analyze your business expenses the way you want with custom reports

•Integrated financial data: credit card feeds, international VAT, multi-currency

You want to know how Nexonia Expenses and Timesheets can work specifically for you? Let’s talk. “