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Method Integration

Method is a full-featured CRM that syncs to your QuickBooks® Customer, Vendor and Employee lists and transactions…plus a whole lot more.  It is a QuickBooks-integrated, web-based platform with industry-specific applications that can be completely customized.

We start you off with a web-based version of your QuickBooks data, complete with a Customer Center, Vendor Center and Employee Center. Changes made in either QuickBooks or Method are synchronized in real time.

Method  fully integrates with QuickBooks to make your Customer Relations Management a breeze.  You can now manage leads, communications, and activities;  sync with QuickBooks customers and vendors, Outlook emails, and share your data using web forms and portals on your website.

You can assign tasks to other users and set user permissions along  with approvals from management.  Staff can be utilizing contact data without having to be logged in to QuickBooks.  You can assign appointments and follow-up activities to staff and external partners. In turn, they can assign or reassign activities to other staff and partners. The follow-ups will appear in each user’s dashboard until they are completed.  Staff will be able to share access to financial transactions and activity history. When customers call in, your staff will know who they have talked to in the past, what was said and what e-mails have been sent and received.

Portals provide a place on your website where your contacts can ask questions, see past transactions, make payments, print existing invoices, and portals can be customized any way you want.  Web forms allow your potential customers to request product and service information from your website and instantly create a lead, sales opportunity and a follow-up reminder for you in Method.

For more information on Method, watch the three minute video.

Method Support & Customization

  • “We just need QuickBooks to add additional fields for tracking  ……”
  • “We need to Create and keep Purchase Orders outside of QuickBooks so our data file does not grow too large…”
  • “I need to limit what employees can see in QuickBooks
  • “We need to be able to work from mobile devices”
  • “I need to know what my other staff members have done to keep the new Opportunity moving along…”

Method provides

  • A CRM application that integrates with QuickBooks from the start; customizable if your business needs additional functionality.
  • Sales people that enter their own estimates / sales orders or invoices without giving them access to QuickBooks.
  • Customer access to see their account history, view and pay their invoice without ever having access to your QuickBooks file, right from your website.

Judith V Syms, managing member of Proficient Account Solutions is a Method Certified Account Manager as well as a Method Certified Consultant.  We support you directly and provide access to Advanced Certified Method customization specialists who can work with you, if you need customization to meet your company’s specific needs. Web-based, do-it-yourself and CRM applications are becoming more and more popular. With Method, QuickBooks integration was built in at the ground floor, enabling you to build business apps that just aren’t possible on the other platforms. Traditional industry-specific solutions are structured for your industry as a whole, but do not embrace the points of difference that make your company unique. With Method, you can break free from what your peers are doing, and run your system, your way.